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Find qualified partners simply and quickly. Following your criteria, Sertras helps you in decision making.

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We simplify the analysis of suppliers through our approved partners, so you can measure and mitigate risks and choose more accurate ones.

Financial Analysis

Not only Balance Sheet and DRE. Also have access to indicators calculated and commented by an expert.

Third Party Management

Don't worry! We seek to ensure that all outsourced labor is complying with the labor standards required by law.


By becoming a Sertras partner, you have access to information that will help you in your decision making, whether you are a buyer or a supplier.

  • Homologation
  • Compliance
  • Third Party Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Field Audits


It is the company analysis service separated by areas that allows you to have clear and unified information about compliance with legal, technical, labor, financial, health and safety requirements of the supplier.


The compliance service ensures the supplier's compliance with reputational and conduct issues.

Third Party Management

We control the documentation of companies, people, vehicles and equipment of a specific supplier within your company. Mitigating the risks of subs or outsourcing.

Financial Analysis

These analyzes help you understand the financial health of your company. And with your indicators you will be able to make better decisions based on the summaries exposed and commented on by experts.


Field Audits

The purpose of the audit is to verify the progress of the services in person, confirming that all aspects signed by the supplier are being correctly performed.


Ask your questions

Here you find the main doubts that other people also had,
but if you can’t find yours here don’t hesitate to send us a message.

All documentation sent in the past year that is valid will be considered for renewal. However, there are documents in force and we need to renew them.

The status is not definitive, as soon as the disapproving documentation is sent, it is already possible to change the status to approved.

No, the documents required for the Simplified plan are
collected and / or requested from the supplier, if your registration is completed and validated in the system, no further documentary inclusion is necessary.

The plan to which we register the supplier is indicated directly by the purchasing company taking into account factors such as the type of service / product offered by the supplier and the billing value that the supplier has with the purchasing company.
In this way, we only approach the supplier for a higher plan (Silver, Gold and Platinum) when the purchasing company itself requests us.

All documentation generates a note to the supplier and failure to send the documentation directly impacts this note. Some of them are considered disapproving and if they are not presented, the approval status will be disapproved, which can be changed to approved, once the documents are sent.

Yes. The amount is fixed and we do not charge any additional amount for
as many updates as necessary, as long as it is within the validity period. The only charge that can be requested is in cases of plan upgrade, within the effective period itself. In these cases, only the difference in the plans will be charged.

No, the process starts as soon as we receive the authorization, so the payment does not influence the flow of the process and can be carried out on expiration.

The plans depend on the supplier’s level of criticality when
buyer, and can be classified according to their billing with the buyer or by the products or services provided. The plan that your company must approve is indicated by the buyer. We do not advise the purchase of plans smaller than that indicated by the buyer, at risk of disapproval.

The supplier will not receive quotes or orders through the
Sertras, if any purchasing company needs any product or service that your company provides, we will forward your company’s contact to buyers.